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Troublemakers is back for its fourth year! The Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Reel Youth, and Love Intersections has gathered a new team of aspiring young filmmakers and experienced “troublemakers” to work together through an eight-session filmmaking program that captured our local queer, trans, and two-spirit histories. The unveiling promises to be a gathering of talented young filmmakers, inspiring troublemakers, cast and crew, friends and family.

Troublemakers: !Kona, Gregory Karlen, Morgane Oger, Marg Yeo, Jane Eaton Hamilton, April Sumter-Freitag, Christopher Hunte, Terrie Hamazaki, Lisa Salazar, David C. Jones

Youth: Emily Tsang, Ichiro Kubozono, Mac Walsh, Cory Keufler-ter Weeme, Ezra Loggin, Christopher Riaz, Garima Garima, Wyatt Chan, Alejandro Dounce, Mina Yang, Ezra Avdeyev