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  • Woman Dress

    two spirit

    Pre-contact, a Two Spirit person named Woman Dress travels the Plains, gathering and sharing stories. Featuring archival images and dramatized […]

  • The Bassinet

    couple | family | lesbian | queer

    When a vintage bassinet appears at filmmaker Tiffany Hsiung and long-time fiancée Victoria Mata’s home, it sets off a chain […]

  • Sweet Night

    femme | indigenous | indigiqueer | queer | two spirit

    Andy is a young Métis woman living in a big city. When a friend invites Andy to accompany her to […]

  • Niish Manidoowag

    gender | genderqueer | queer | transgender | two spirit | youth

    Long before the settlers arrived to Turtle Island (aka North America), there existed a Two Spirit Society in many tribal […]

  • Anemone

    gender | gender expression | intersectionality

    Anemio is a second generation non-binary gender teenager, who lives at home with their conservative Christian family. At home, school […]

  • A Typical Fairytale

    gender | youth

    A young couple have a fairytale love story, but are interrupted by their child’s divergence from the classic narrative. This […]

  • Troublemakers 4.0: An LGBT2Q+ inter-generational film series (2019)

    Troublemakers is back for it's fourth year! The Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Reel Youth, and Love Intersections bring together LBGT2Q+ youth and elders to create this film series.
  • Ingenuity

    gender | indigenous | sexuality | two spirit
  • EQ

    gay | indigenous | lesbian | queer | two spirit
  • Reaching Out: Short films from Vancouver, Coquitlam, and Burnaby

    These films were created as part of the Reaching Out project. Reaching Out empowered young activists in Metro Vancouver Pride […]

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