Welcome to the Out in Schools Online Learning Hub (OLH)! It is an innovative film-based resource to help you engage students in discussing sexual orientation and gender identity and their relationship to broader social justice issues.

This Hub and its resources take into account that students may face multiple learning barriers as a result of their actual or perceived sexual orientation and/or gender identity. This Hub addresses these barriers and offers details on how Out in Schools’ anti-homophobia, anti-transphobia, and anti-bullying workshops meet the Prescribed Learning Outcomes for a multitude of British Columbia’s secondary school courses, and in particular the learning outcomes for BC’s Planning 10 curriculum.

In order to access the features of the OLH, you will need to register with us. Once you register, you will be able to preview some of the curriculum but in order to have full access to the OLH, which includes our video playlists, we’d love for you to upgrade to a paid membership which costs $50 per year. This fee helps us maintain this resource and subsidies are available if this cost is a barrier. If it is, please reach out to info@outinschools.com once you’ve registered.

Once you’ve signed up and are logged in, here’s how you might want to use this Hub (but feel free to use it however you wish since we’re not the boss of you!):

Read over our curriculum page. There, you’ll learn more about Out in Schools, how our presentations and workshops operate, and find of great information on how to introduce LGBT2Q+ content into your own classroom.

If you teach a Planning class in British Columbia, head over to our Planning 10 page to find out how Out in Schools meets the Prescribed Learning Outcomes set by the Ministry of Education. We’re pretty smart! 

Once you’ve got a gist of what Out in Schools does, head over to the Video Playlists page. There, you’ll find all the fun stuff. We have several playlists sorted by key themes and each playlist has its own materials such as activities and film-specific questions.

If you like what you see, consider booking us for a presentation. We love coming into school to talk about sexual orientation and gender identities. After all, who better to explain it all than folks with lived experience. Also, visibility is important: having talented and happy LGBT2Q+ facilitators speak to your students make this stuff more real, relatable, and relevant. 

Last but not least, send us feedback. We want to hear from you!