Opening hearts and changing minds, one film at a time.

It’s what our diverse team of trained facilitators do, week after week, district after district. They stand on stage as proof of what competent, confident and accomplished LGBTQ youth leaders achieve. They inspire LGBTQ youth to believe they can reach their potential. They compel straight and cisgender students to step up in the fight against bullying and isolation. Through each snicker they smile, through each nervous laugh they lean in, at each question they listen deep for the best self in each awkward adolescent.

The next generation of youth will fail without the tools to work with difference, to thrive amidst diversity.

Your partnership makes it possible to shape the millennial consciousness which makes safer schools today and a brighter workforce tomorrow.


Leading enterprises understand the value of fostering vibrant, dynamic and diverse communities through innovative programs and partnerships. We offer a unique combination of more than a decade of award-winning youth development programs throughout the province and fresh, innovative approaches year to year. Through ideation, development, implementation and evaluation, we continue to evolve annually in ways that enhance and expand our programming while leveraging corporate and community partnerships to deepen impact.

It’s this kind of business acumen that helps us to make sure we walk the talk with our ideals, empowering youth to step boldy forward in fostering more inclusive learning environments that will produce the next generation of adaptive, visionary leaders.

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  • 10,000 students reached annually
  • 6,000 students reached through presentations
  • 4,000 students reached through workshops
  • 8,000 urban students reached
  • 2,000 rural students reached
  • 20 videos reach 20,000 unique students annually
  • 20 videos garner 60,000 views through school and online screenings

Community Resource model allows us to increase our multi-class school visits by 20%

  • 8,000 visits to the student resources page annually
  • 500 visits to the teacher resource materials
  • 500 visits to the administrator, librarian, club and team resource materials
  • 300 visits to the parent resource materials
  • 20 presentations per regional facilitator
  • 5 new school districts reached per regional facilitator


This year we piloted a new set of attitudinal and behavioural evaluation questions in our feedback forms. We are thrilled that this pilot indicates that there are powerful changes afoot. While we need to increase our sample size to ensure the change is consistent, the feedback is clear: the films and facilitators are changing minds and opening hearts across the province.

20% of students admitted using homophobic language before the presentation. After the presentation, more than half of those students realized they should change their language.

34% of students would not intervene if they saw another LGBTQ student being bullied or were unsure if they would intervene prior to the presentation. After the presentation, only 12% said they were unsure and only 1% said they would not intervene to help an LGBTQ student.



  • Create the opportunity for LGBTQ youth and allies to step up as experts.
  • Queer filmmakers are connected with youth audiences
  • LGBTQ and allied youth are provided the opportunity to become cultural producers that make media that shapes more inclusive school environments.
  • Queer youth-produced media is connected with audiences
  • Improve students’ understanding of LGBTQ people’s experience and their intersections with other forms of discrimination
  • Debunk stereotypes about queer and trans youth and families
  • Develop positive self-image for LGBTQ youth and provides competent, confident and accomplished young LGBTQ leaders
  • Validate queer and trans youth experience



  • Foster connections between LGBTQ and allied youth
  • Build empathy towards LGBTQ youth
  • Develop a vocabulary amongst youth and educators interested in supporting questioning youth during their discovery and coming out process
  • Foster a commitment to creating inclusive communities


  • Improve students’ understanding of practical steps they can take to foster cultures of inclusion for queer and trans youth and all youth facing discrimination
  • Leverage students’ ability to spread the word and take action
  • Increases participation by both LGBTQ and straight/cisgender youth in Queer Straight Alliances and other LGBTQ-inclusive activities



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