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Out in Schools brings fresh and relevant films into classrooms to facilitate dialogue about the reality of LGBT2Q+ youth experiences. Our diverse team of trained facilitators are some of the brightest young teaching artists, advocates and change-makers in BC. They will lead you through a dynamic presentation, tailored to your needs.

  • Engaging and impactful short films.
  • Terminology and concepts
  • Impacts of homophobia, transphobia and other forms of discrimination and how they intersect.
  • Using art as powerful medium for social justice
  • LGBT2Q+ history and current events
  • How to step up as an ally

For Students: Single 1-2 hour presentation: $600

For Adults, Educators, Administrators, and Staff: Single 1-2 hour presentation: $1200

We also offer group rates and subsidies to accommodate your budget! If cost is a barrier, please see our Fee Subsidy section. 

Out in Schools is a non-profit initiative, which relies on donations to keep the program going. Presentation fees help to cover the costs for artist and distributor fees, facilitator fees, travel and other incidentals. Note that our costs are much higher if we’re traveling outside of Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

We never like to turn down an opportunity to present so we offer a subsidy program if you are unable to afford the presentation fee. Please indicate if you require a subsidy on the booking form below or contact info@outinschools.com. Additionally, there are grants available from the BC Teachers Federation that you can apply for here.

What kind of groups do you present to?

While our focus is primarily middle school and high school aged youth, we have content to present to other groups, too! In the past we have presented to youth in grades 4-6 and have held professional development sessions for educators and administrators.

What group sizes can you present to?


We can present to all group sizes from a cozy screening with your GSA/QSA to 30 students in a Planning 10 class to an auditorium screening for the entire school!

Can you present more than once in day?


Yes, we can do multiple presentations in a single day.

How long is a presentation?


While we can always be flexible with the lengths of our presentations, they are multi-faceted and require the time to do well.  We typically tailor them to your unique learning objectives in a 1-2 hour session.

What time during the day are you typically available?


Try us! We are flexible about the time of day, whether it’s during class, at lunch, or after school.

I’m in a rural community, can you visit us?


Yes! We love presenting in rural communities; however, because the cost is so much greater for travel and accommodation, we try to cluster a set of school presentations together over a few days or week. We would just ask that you help us out with planning.

To book a presentation, please fill out the form below: