Riveting.  Illuminating.  Inspiring.

Out in Schools curates films that compel youth to step into the challenges and the triumphs of LGBT2Q+ youth.  The films debunk stereotypes, humanize LQBT2Q+ youth and envision the next generation of LGBT2Q+ youth and allies.


Out in Schools’ diverse team of trained facilitators delivers consistently engaging presentations and workshops. They are some of the brightest young LGBT2Q+ teaching artists, advocates and changemakers in the province. Their presence is living proof that LGBT2Q+ youth have the intelligence, imagination and charisma to become inspiring youth leaders.


Out in Schools presentations and Learning Hub provide youth with opportunities not only to learn, but to do. The presentations offer a chance to build participation in and creation of Queer Straight Alliances across the province. The Rise Against Homophobia Video Contest offers youth the chance to make media as a vehicle not only for personal expression, but to shape more inclusive school communities.