What we do

Safe, inclusive and welcoming.

It’s what any student deserves in a school community.
It’s what very few LGBT2Q+ youth can expect.
It’s what Out in Schools makes possible.

Out in Schools is a program that recognizes that media is a powerful tool for social change, as well as a marvelous teaching aid. We use film and video with facilitated group discussion to engage students across BC on issues of homophobia, transphobia and bullying. As an educational outreach initiative, we seek to raise awareness and advance the safety of learning environments for all youth.

We open hearts and change minds.


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Rise against homophobia

"I can tell you without hesitation they were extremely valuable, well-received, and greatly appreciated. I heard nothing but positive comments, and would not hesitate to have you back or recommend you to other schools. It is very important and worthwhile work you do, and our students and school benefited more than words can say. Thanks for coming, and hope to see you again!"

How would your story change the world?

We want you to create stories that open hearts, change minds, and shift perspectives.

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Our online Learning Hub offers educational playlists with attention-grabbing films featuring LGBT2Q+ youth experiences, introductory information and easy-to-facilitate activities. Starting those hard conversations about creating safer schools for all youth is made easier..